Pak Adventure

Pak Adventures is a Private Limited Company, registered SECP and dedicated for the promotion of Adventure Sports Paragliding in Pakistan. It supports Pak Paragliding School offering exclusive training modules for Paragliding Flights and Tandem Paragliding, para motoring Courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced. 

Paragliding Equipment

We import state of the art Paragliders, Paramotors, Trikes, Swimming Pools and other adventure sports equipment for facilitating our worthy clients .

Tandem Flight Entertainment Event

Get the closest feeling to everyone’s dream of truly free flight without training. Flying with an expert instructor Pilot. No experience required. 


Want to make sure paragliding is for you before you commit to the Elementary Pilot course?
Want a brilliant gift for someone adventurous?
Do you just want an exhilarating day out to remember for the rest of your life?

Fun day is a chance to try out paragliding, to experience free flight as a solo pilot in the safest possible environment, under the instruction of Flying Instructor.

The Fun day is a great paragliding touch that will keep you fantasizing till your next flight. If you're contemplating doing the Basic or Advanced Pilot course. .